Illusionary Warmth 2:1 Panorama (2017)

Lea County New Mexico Northern Delaware Basin

Illusionary Warmth was photographed during the dead of Winter January 2018 in the sand hills of Western Lea County New Mexico. The image features Frontier rig 26 drilling a directional well for XTO Energy. At first glance the sunrise imparts warmth. In reality the temperature was 13 degrees. Not bad for the Bakken or Boulder Wyoming. Definitely cool for the far Northern Delaware Basin. Look closely and you can see a jackrabbit looking over his shoulder. He stood there for 10 minutes one eyed locked on me hoping not to move. The image is a 2:1 high resolution panorama composited from 63 images made over three minutes time. The lens used was the sharpest yet made by the hand of man. Seven light levels were captured within the 63 images allowing all parts of the image to be recorded in perfect detail.

Fine art oil & gas photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

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