About the Photographer

Landscape Photography has always been about matching a great landscape with extraordinary light.  Light in its simplest form is purely a function of weather.  Growing up in West Texas and later Northern Arizona, I developed a passion for studying weather at a very early age. When  it came time to choose a career and attend a university, I was confronted with the reality that Meteorologist really just sat around under florescent lights recording temperature, humidity and other statistics until they were old enough to retire.  I completed my degree in Marketing at Texas Tech University in 1986 while spending the better part of my time studying weather in the Meteorology Department which was conveniently located on the top floor of the Business Administration Building. Marketing was never an outlet for my love of weather but my interest continued to evolve over the years into a wealth of knowledge.

After a very brief experience in the corporate world, I have spent the last twenty years self employed in a number of business ventures centered around recycling business printing products. I learned a few important things early in my professional life and for years, my businesses have been more of a frame work for protecting the wonderful autonomy and self direction I have enjoyed than anything else.

I purchased my first serious camera in 2006. I was going through a lot of changes in my life and felt that I finally had the time to pursue my love for weather through its obvious link to landscape photography.  I spent the next few years learning photography by reading  about and observing the work of some of the top landscape photographers.  The part I loved most was being able to finally  apply my knowledge and love for weather. Over the next few years I had plenty of time in the field and lots of opportunities to try new things.

While most photographers plan their trips months in advance, I literally wait until the last minute.  I do this by setting aside a block of time and then I line out multiple destinations - sometimes at opposite ends of the country.  I then study weather patterns and their effect on light and the way I want to capture a particular type of landscape.  At the last moment I choose the destination with the best light for the way I want to convey that landscape.  Some of my favorite landscapes in the southwestern United States only receive a few inches of rain per year but I may choose to photograph them exclusively during wet or dramatic weather.  Twenty five years of studying weather patterns and forecasting has given me the ability to build my photography around the light I choose, rather than planning trips months in advance and getting lucky occasionally.  For me, photography is simply a study in light.  No matter how many times I photograph the Grand Canyon, the canyon is always the same.  It is the light that changes moment by moment making each time wonderful and new.

Christopher Morley once said "there is only one success- to be able to spend your life your own way".   Being self employed for the last 20 years has allowed me the autonomy to do the things that are truly important in my life.  I keep this in mind when considering any new commitments I take on. The pursuit of extraordinary light is about being constantly connected to the landscapes which showcase the light I choose to photograph. I strive to maintain that autonomy which allows me to follow my instincts and act on a moments notice.  Light by nature is temporary and transient.  My images are an attempt to capture light at its most beautiful state in a single moment in time.

I hope you enjoy my photographs but hope more that they will inspire you to go see these wonderful places for yourself.

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