Anticline Prairie Panorama (2018)

Pinedale Wyoming

Anticline Prairie Panorama is a high resolution 4:1 panorama composited from 112 images. The image was taken in early June on the Pinedale  Anticline at the base of the Wind River Mountains near Pinedale Wyoming. Unit Drillng Rig 125 is featured pad drilling one of 16 directional gas wells from this 10 acre location. At nearly 8000 feet Spring comes in early June in this area.  Rig 125 has drilled directional gas wells on the Anticline for the past 8 years. Prints are available on fine art canvas and fine art paper from 12x48" to as large as 24x96". At 12 billion pixels, the image is especially well suited for a very large wall mural up to 60 feet. 

 Fine art oil & gas photography by Robert D. Flaherty

 . Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.