The Golden Moment (2018)

Northern Delaware Basin New Mexico

The Golden Moment features Frontier Rig 26 drilling a deep directional well in the Northern Delaware Basin. Wether on fine art paper or fine art canvas,  The image looks best spot lit with 4000K led lighting.  The image was taken at sunset in Western Lea County New Mexico during the dry Winter of 2018. The clouds above the rig were caused by high winds aloft passing over the Guadalupe Mountains of Western Texas and New Mexico.  This cloud type is often referred to as a lens cloud. The image is a non HDR composite of 16 levels of light ranging from white to total black. This allows the sun to be held back completely to its original shape while rendering all details in the foreground and drilling rig down to the finest details. Conventional photography would only allow the drilling rig and foreground to be displayed as a black silhouette.  The image is an 85mm capture made with the Zeiss Otus 85mm 1.4.  The lens has the distinction of being the highest performing lens ever made. The type of lens I choose and the resolution I photograph in are a large part of the very fine detail that my work is known for.  

Fine art Oil & Gas Photography by Robert D. Flaherty

. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.