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Shores pump jack, pumpjack, Lariat Drilling, Lariat Rig 11, Sandridge Energy,  directional well, Andrews Texas, Permian Basin, fall, thunderstorm, photo

Traces Of Autumn (2014)

A new Shores pump Jack stands before an early fall thunderstorm on a Sandridge Energy lease in Western Andrews County Texas.  The location is flanked by Lariat Rig 11 drilling the last of eight in line directional wells  on University Land.  Fine Art Oil & Gas Photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Delaware Basin, Permian Basin, drilling rig, Cactus Drilling, 148, Rocket Rig, panorama, high resolution, fine art, fine art prints, Texas, mountains, West Texas,  lateral gas well, photo

Delaware Sunrise

"Delaware Sunrise" features Cactus Rocket Rig 148 drilling a 1.75 mile lateral gas well in the mountains of far Western Texas. This a high resolution 3:1 panorama availale in fine art prints up to 120 inches.  Fine art oil & gas photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Pumpjack,  pump jack, Chavez County New Mexico, New Mexico, oil production, gas production, grassland, monsoon, drought, thunderstorm, 2014, Eastern New Mexico, oilfield, oilfield art, oil & gas photo, photo

Summer Sky (2013)

The wide open high grassland of Chavez County New Mexico is the setting for "Summer Sky".  Each year the summer monsoon season brings continuous thunderstorm activity from July through September to the mile high prairie of East Central New Mexico.  2014 has brought over twenty inches of rain in less than six weeks and helped to alleviate a four year drought.  The area is dominated by shallow and medium depth gas and oil production established in the boom of the early 80's.  Today only a hand full of shallow vertical wells have been drilled here over the past few years. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

drilling rig, sunset, Thunder Basin National Grassland, Zeiss, Zeiss Otus 85mm, sunset, Fall , Wyoming, Powder River Basin, fine art, fine art photography, Ruidoso New Mexico, New Mexico, Topside Gall, photo

Prelude To Darkness

Prelude To Darkness is set in the rolling hills of the Thunder Basin National Grassland in Northeastern Wyoming. Early fall means cool crisp evenings with 200 mile visibility. Perfect weather for high resolution photography.  An alpine wind break was used here to shelter the camera from a 15 mile per hour wind thus insuring absolute image sharpness. The image consists of 3 vertical 50 megapixel exposures combined to make one 120 megapixel image. The Zeiss Otus 85mm 1.2 was used to capture the image. The Zeiss 85mm Otus is currently the worlds sharpest 85mm lens.  Prelude To Darkness is a featured print for the month of October in my studio gallery at Topside overlooking Ruidoso New Mexico. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Eagle Ford, drilling rig, sunset, high resolution, mural, fine art, Karnes City Texas, H&P Drilling, H&P Drilling rig 248, directional well,  directional drilling, pad drilling, oilfield art
, photo

Done For The Day

Sunset on H&P Drilling rig 248 drilling a directional well in the Eastern Eagle Ford near Karnes City Texas. This image is available in short standard and 2:1 panoramic format.  The image was originally engineered to print as a 10 x20 foot mural so the very finest detail is evident in fine art prints on water color paper or Lyve fine art canvas. Prints are available from small to 40x80". Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

natural gas, Wind River Range, Wyoming, Summer, Spring, mural, high resolution, cows, mountains, snow, fine art, oilfield art, photo

Of Man And Nature 3:1 Panorama (2014)

Natural gas gathering assets and cows on a high mesa compressed against The Wind River Range in early Summer 2014.  This image was photographed to be used as a very large scale mural up to 20x60 feet. The high level of detail also makes for an incredible fine art print.  The image is composed of 1.24 billion pixels and was photographed at 600mm with a camera mounted in an enclosure to isolate it from the wind.  Oil & Gas Photography for fine art by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

pump jack, Permian Basin, New Mexico, pumpjack, pumping unit, arctic cold front, cold front, oil, oil & gas photography, oilfield art, high resolution, sepia, black & white, spring, weather, landscape, photo

The Onset Of Chaos

"The Onset Of Chaos"  A lone pump jack stands idle in the still air moments before the passage of an arctic front drops the temperature by 35 degrees in in fifteen minutes.  This is a 60 megapixel high resolution infrared sepia toned black& white image photographed in early spring on the Northern high plains of Eastern New Mexico.  The image is also available in color. The image here was captured utilizing a new prototype 100 inch tripod and panoramic head from Really Right Stuff.  The height above the ground contributes to the view all the way to the horizon miles away.   Expect to see more photography from this wonderful wide open landscape during the Summer of 2014.  Oil & Gas Photography for fine art by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Viking Drilling, Viking Rig 6, Rain, drilling rig, Big Spring Texas, high resolution, sunset, thunderstorm, oilfield art, oilfield photography, photo

Viking Rig 6 With Cactus

Cactus, wind energy and Viking Rig 6 after the rain near Big Spring Texas.  Early Summer 2014. High resolution 80 megapixel standard format print. Oil & Gas Photography for Fine Art by Robert D. Flaherty.

. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Patterson, Patterson UTI, Patterson Drilling, drilling rig, Wyoming, frac, mural, Oil & Gas Photography, oil & gas photography, oil and gas photography, Spring, Wind River Range, Jona, Jona Field, com, photo

Above And Beyond

"Above and Beyond" features a Patterson UTI drilling rig and double frac job in the Jona field below the Wind River Range of Northwestern Wyoming. The photograph was taken in early June 2014 in the first two weeks of warm weather.  This is a high resolution composite panoramic photograph engineered to be printed as a wall mural up to 30 feet in length. This resolution also makes for an a highly detailed fine art piece in standard 2:1 sizes.  Oil & Gas Photography for fine art by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Patterson Drilling, Patterson UTI, drilling rig, Wind River Mountains, oil & gas photography, fine art oil & gas photography, mural, oil, art, oilfield art, Wyoming, panorama, gigapixel, , photo

Kingdom Of The Wind

A Patterson drilling rig set alone against the Wind River Mountain range and a late spring storm in early June 2014. Please call to get pricing on this image as the crop falls somewhat between a 2:1 and a 3:1 panorama.  The image is engineered to print at 36x87" with the highest quality. Prints are available in a range of sizes including wall murals out to 30 feet in length.  The origininal image is a 1.2 gigapixel composite.  The Wind River Range in Northwestern Wyoming is my favorite Rocky Mountain setting for oil & gas photography. Fine art oil & gas photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

drilling rig, sunrise, Barstow Texas, Texas, Permian Basin, oilfield art, panorama, panoramic, high resolution, Precision Drilling, Precision Drilling Rig 573, photo

Light Of A New Day

"Light Of A New Day" features Precision Drilling  Rig  573 drilling a lateral well near Barstow Texas in early April 2014. The image is available in 3:1 and 2:1 panoramic formats as well as short and standard sizes. The native 3:1 file is 200 megapixels so this image is very detailed croped to any size. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Sentry, Pumping Unit, Sentry pumpjack, Pump jack, oil & gas photography, Commissioned, Delaware Basin, Gas, Cimarex, EOG Resources, Anadarko, oil production, Culberson County Texas, Winter, sunset, la, photo

Last Breath (2014)

"Last Breath"  Features a Sentry pump jack or pumping unit on the Texas and New Mexico border in far Northern Culberson County Texas.  While this is oil production, this area of the Delaware Basin has been the stage for substantial deep lateral gas plays by companies such as Cimarex, Anadarko and EOG Resources.  The Image was taken in January 2014.  The unit is shown here without the Sentry Brand but may be included upon request.  The wide open landscape of Northern Culberson County has been a favorite backdrop for my Oil & Gas work since first photographing here in early 2012.  I have a number of upcoming commissioned projects based here throughout 2014.  Oil & Gas Photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.