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The Lodge At Cloudcroft, Cloudcroft New Mexico, Fall, high resolution, panorama,  New Mexico, New Mexico fine art landscape photography, photo

The Lodge At Cloudcroft In Fall

The Lodge At Cloudcroft In Fall was photographed in October 2014 as a high resolution composite panorama.

New Mexico fine art landscape photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Lincoln County New Mexico, Border Hill, Border Hill windmill, windmill, Monsoon, New Mexico, Ruidoso, New Mexico fine art photography, sunset, Capitan Mountains, Roswell New Mexico, photo

Windmill At Border Hill

Windmill At Border Hill was photographed in Lincoln County New Mexico during the 2015 monsoon season. The windmill is a frequent sight for people traveling between Roswell and Ruidoso. The Capitan Mountains can be seen flanking the windmill at sunset. Photographed in medium format, extraordinary detail can be seen particularly in the forground.  New Mexico fine art photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Rio Ruidoso Gold, New Mexico, Ruidoso River, Upper Canyon, gold, brown, decor, decorating, nightly rental, 2 Ruidoso Redheads, Topside Gallery, studio gallery, fall, ice, golden color, New Mexico fine, photo

Rio Ruidoso Gold

Rio Ruidoso Gold is an abstract image taken in the Upper Canyon section of the Ruidoso River during a cold snap in the Fall of 2015.  The image was taken in a shaded part of the river at midmorning.  The golden color in the photograph comes from bright light being reflected back into the scene.  The image is a core piece in the decor for several of our nightly rentals at 2 Ruidoso Redheads. The mixture of brown and gold in the image is a wonderful element to decorate with.  Come see the artwork properly lit at my studio gallery Topside Gallery overlooking Ruidoso New Mexico. New Mexico fine art landscape photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

aerial photography, aerial oil & gas photography, aerial oilfield art, H&P Drilling, pad drilling, directional well, directional drilling, Eagle Ford, Texas, Kenyon Gyro, drilling rig , photo

Eagle Ford Pad Drilling Detail I

"Eagle Ford Pad Drilling Detail I" features H&P Drilling rig 498 pad drilling three deep directional wells in the Western Eagle Ford near Carrizo Springs Texas. The image was made from 1200 feet with a medium format camera stabilized by a Kenyon 8x8 gyro system.  The gyro system stabilizes vibration on all three axis allowing highly detailed photographs to be taken from a helicopter. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Eagle Ford, frac, Carizzo Springs, Texas, Aerial photography, photo

Eagle Ford Frac Detail

Eagle Ford Frac Detail features an aerial view of a frac Job in the far Western Eagle Ford near Carizzo Springs Texas.  Fine art oil & gas photography by Robert D. Flaherty


. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Frac, Boulder Wyoming, mountains, mural, panorama, high resolution, photo

Sand Castles Panorama

"Sand Castle Panorama" features a quad Sand Castle frac job in the Wind River Mountains of Northwestern Wyoming, This is a seven billion pixel image designed to be a very large mural up to 80 feet in length. The photograph contains approximately one pixel for every person on earth. The ratio is 4:1 so it is four times longer than it is tall.  Fine art prints are available as small as 10x40" and fine art canvas prints are available up to 30x120".  Also see "Sand Castle Cut Out"  which is just a slice of the original panorama only showing the quad Sand Castles.  Fine Art Oil & Gas Photography By Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Frac, Panorama, Delaware Basin, Black & White, sepia, mural, high resolution, large format print, pencil drawing, Winter, Guadalupe Pass, detailed photograph, photograph, Composite photograph, fine ar, photo

Delaware Frac Panorama In Sepia

The far Western Delaware Basin is the setting for Delaware Frac Panorama. The image is a 2:1 ratio high resolution composite of 63 photographs in 7 levels of light. The image was originally engineered to be a 16x30 foot fine art mural. At this resolution the finest of details are evident in large format prints.  The combination of resolution and sepia toned black & white make the photograph appear to be a very detailed pencil drawing. The image contains all the elements of a complex frac site set in a very harsh environment.  Guadalupe Pass can be seen at Midwinter flanking the location past sunset.  Fine Art Oil & Gas Photography By Robert D. Flaherty. 

Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Gato Del Sol, Cactus Drilling, mural high resolution, lateral gas well, lateral drilling, Permian Basin, Delaware Basin, Western Texas, Texas, drilling rig, panorama, gas well, oil w, photo

Gato Del Sol Standard Size

Gato Del Sol features a long lateral gas well drilled by Catus Drilling.  The setting is the desolent landscape of the Western Delaware Basin in far Western Texas. This is a very sharp high resolution image capable supporting a sixty foot mural in panoramic format. Fine art prints are available from 8x12" to 40x60" for standard format prints. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

worlds largest snubbing job, snubbing job, Louisiana, Patterson Services, BOP, blowout preventer, natural gas, natural gas storage, vertical panorama, midstream oil & gas. midstream oilfield  , photo

Worlds Largest Snubbing Job (2018)

Worlds Largest Snubbing Job (2018) was photographed in Louisiana in the Summer of 2018. The image is a 2:1 vertical panorama available up to 80" high. The snubbing job features 7  21.25" blowout preventers and 8 5/8" pipe. Pressure is 3200psi. Each BOP weighs in at 40,000lbs. and the total stack is 125 feet tall. Total weight for the stack including the substructure was 435,000 lbs. 

Fine art oil & gas photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

panorama, Texas, Orla Texas, Delaware Basin, drilling rig, sunrise, Patterson UTI Drilling, Chevron, pad drilling, sunrise, November , photo

In Darkness We Shine 2:1 Panorama (2018)

In Darkness We Shine was photographed during an extraordinary sunrise 20 miles Northwest of Orla Texas in Mid November 2018. The image features Chevron's advanced horizontal pad drilling operations Northwest of Orla Texas. The three Patterson UTI drilling rigs will spend up to a year on each pad drilling multiple wells. The image is available as a 3:1 or 2:1 panorama as well as a standard sized image featuring the lead drilling rig. The 2:1 panorama is composite using 63 high resolution photographs blended to one 4 billion pixel image. 

 Fine art oil & gas photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.