Windswept 3:1 Panorama (2018)

Sierra Blanca near Ruidoso New Mexico

Windswept 3:1 Panorama was photographed in January 2018. The image is a high resolution 3:1 panorama engineered to be a 30 x90 foot fine art mural. This image is only a part of a much larger panoramic image covering the entire Southern view from the peak of Lookout Mountain. This image features Sierra Blanca, White Sands National Monument and the Tularosa Valley. An Additional image is available which includes the Ski Apache Bowel and new lift opened in 2018. In all, 245 high resolution images were combined to make the master panorama. Several images will be added to the portfolio which represent portions of the whole image. The movement of the clouds captured in the image actually was due to the 7 minutes it took to expose all 245 exposures. This technique results in an image that is so high resolution that the individual pine needles can be counted on every tree on the mountain. The image is unique in that it was only possible with very light wind and just the right arrangement of high clouds streaming in from the Southwest. The master panorama is represented by 28 billion pixels.

Fine art landscape photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

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