Three Rivers Spring Panorama In Sepia (2015)

Ruidoso New Mexico

Three Rivers Spring Panorama In Sepia was photographed in early June 2016. The image was taken at an elevation of 11,600 feet on a mountain peak just North of Sierra Blanca.  The panoramic image is centered above the Three Rivers Wilderness on the West side of Sierra Blanca. This is a high resolution 4:1 composite panorama made from 112 medium format images.  The panorama is composed of 6.24 billion pixels. Fine art prints are available from 36 to 96" in length. The image features a developing line of thundershowers crossing the Tularosa Basin. At an altitude of 11,600 feet, the late afternoon sunlight can be seen shining through the rain shafts and virga not yet reaching the ground. In early June the moisture from the Summer Monsoon has not yet reached the West side of the Central Mountains. Daytime heating this time of year is enough to generate the showers but most of the the precipitation evaporates before reaching the ground. See the 96" version of this 4:1 panorama at my studio gallery at Topside Gallery overlooking Ruidoso New Mexico. Fine art landscape photography by Robert D. Flaherty  . Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.