Oil And Gas Exploration

Delaware Basin, Permian Basin, West Texas, Mountain, drilling rig, Wind, photo

Windshift At War Admiral

The Delaware Basin and the mountains of far West Texas are the setting for Windshift At War Admiral.  The affects of an Arctic cold can be seen shifting the wind to the Northeast and suddenly stirring up dust on the location.  Fine Art Oil & Gas Photography by Robert D. Flaherty. . Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Wyoming, drilling rig, spring, mountains, Wind River Range, lateral gas well, natural gas, Unit Drilling, Unit Corp., Pinedale Anticline, natural gas, panorama, high resolution, oilfield art, photo

Wind River Spring Panorama

Wind River Spring Panorama features Unit Corp. Drilling Rig 125 drilling a deep lateral gas well in the Wind River Mountains of Western Wyoming in May 2015. Spring comes late at 8000 feet in Wyoming.  The formation  known as the Pinedale Anticline is one of the nation's most prolific natural gas producers.  

Fine Art Oil & Gas Photography By Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

drilling rig, lightning, Patterson, Patterson UTI, Patterson Drilling, oil &  gas photography, oil and gas photography, oilfield art, Orla Texas, Midland Texas, Permian Basin, Patterson Rig 242 , photo


Static features Patterson Drilling Rig 242 iluminated by a burst of cloud to cloud lighting while operating near Orla Texas in June 2013. Spectacular episodes of dry lightning are common in this area before the monsoon kicks into full swing by mid-July each year. 242 is one of patterson Dillings new generation drilling rigs placed in service last year.  Oil & Gas Photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

drilling rig, Stanton, Texas, sunset, September, photo

Last Moments Of The Day

 Last Moments of the day- A drilling rig photographed before a brilliant September sunset near Stanton Texas.  Oil and Gas Photography,  Fine Art. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Eagle Ford, drilling rig, sunset, high resolution, mural, fine art, Karnes City Texas, H&P Drilling, H&P Drilling rig 248, directional well,  directional drilling, pad drilling, oilfield art
, photo

Done For The Day

Sunset on H&P Drilling rig 248 drilling a directional well in the Eastern Eagle Ford near Karnes City Texas. This image is available in short standard and 2:1 panoramic format.  The image was originally engineered to print as a 10 x20 foot mural so the very finest detail is evident in fine art prints on water color paper or Lyve fine art canvas. Prints are available from small to 40x80". Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

ABC Blood & Oil, Blood & Oil, Blood and Oil, Hap Briggs, Don Johnson, Midland Texas, Sepia, black & white photography, drilling rig, oilfield art, artwork, conference room, set, photo

Lightstream For Blood & Oil

Lightstream featured in the office decor of Hap Briggs (Don Johnson) on the ABC primetime series Blood & Oil. The image was originally shot in July 2011 on a drilling rig near Midland Texas.  This is a high resolution sepia toned black and white photograph.  The office and conference room set which includes three images will be a permanent part the television series. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

drilling rig, West Texas, Delaware Basin, Permian Basin, Monsoon, sepia, lighting, black & white, fine art black & white photography, panorama, instant composite panorama, high resolution, photo

Time And Experience

Time And Experience was photographed in the mountains of the far Western Delaware Basin of Western Texas. Noram rig 24 is shown drilling a directional well during the 2015 summer monsoon season. This is a high resolution instant composite panorama made by photographing the left, center and rights quadrants simultaneously with 3 separate but matching camera systems.  The three cameras were attached to a 48" nodal bar and calibrated to capture all three parts of the image at the precise instant the lightning struck.  The result is a image that is twice the resolution of a single frame. Only a few photographers world wide use this technique to instantly capture lighting in high resolution. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

H&P Rig 393, H&P Drilling, Midland Texas, sunrise, medium format, high resolution, Permian Basin, Texas, photo

Sunrise On Spanish Trail

H&P Drilling Rig 393 with a unique copper colored sunrise in Western Midland County Texas.  This is a high resolution 80 megapixel Medium Format print which can be printed up 40 feet in length. Fine Art Canvas prints are exceptional at 40x80". Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

H&P, Drilling, Drilling rig, golden hour, Andrews Texas, sunset, Oil and Gas photography, photo

Golden Hour

H&P Rig 393 Drilling on University Lands near Andrews Texas.  Oil and gas photography for fine art by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Delaware Basin, Permian Basin, drilling rig, Cactus Drilling, 148, Rocket Rig, panorama, high resolution, fine art, fine art prints, Texas, mountains, West Texas,  lateral gas well, photo

Delaware Sunrise

"Delaware Sunrise" features Cactus Rocket Rig 148 drilling a 1.75 mile lateral gas well in the mountains of far Western Texas. This a high resolution 3:1 panorama availale in fine art prints up to 120 inches.  Fine art oil & gas photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

drilling rig, COG, lateral well, Pitchfork Ranch, panorama, New Mexico, Delaware Basin, grassland, Viking Hat, photo

Open Spaces

Open Spaces

Viking Hat-1. The first of ten lateral wells to be drilled in 2016 for COG on the Pitchfork Ranch west of Jal New Mexico. This is a high resolution 3:1 composite panorama featuring the wide open grassland of the Northeastern Delaware Basin.

Fine art oil & gas photography by Robert D. Flaherty. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.

Delaware Basin, panorama, lateral well, sepia, black & white, Western Texas, monsoon, composite panorama, mural, high resolution , photo

The Price Of High Expectations

The Delaware Basin of Western Texas during monsoon is the setting for The Price Of High Expectations in Sepia. 

The photograph features the second attempt at a particularly difficult lateral well in the far Western Delaware Basin.  The image is 3:1 high resolution panorama composited from 96 individual photographs. Image resolution is suitable for a fine art mural up to 20x60 feet. Photo © copyright by Robert D. Flaherty.